2AV8 is a private collection of aviation artifacts and is located just South of Stranraer, a couple of miles from MOD West Freugh. This site is primarily dedicated to three aircraft. XA903 - a Mk1 Vulcan Bomber, XP558 - a Mk4 Jet Provost and WE191 - A T4 Canberra. They are all currently undergoing restoration/ repainting.

XA903 is one of only two forward sections of a Mk1 Vulcan remaining (the other being in storage at the RAF Cosford Museum). XA903 has a very well documented life as it served as a test bed for:

  • the Blue Steel stand-off missile (the UK's nuclear deterrent). XA903 was the only Mk1 Vulcan to carry the Blue Steel and did so to test the missile and the ability of the Vulcan to use it. Mk2 Vulcans had the missile recessed more, whereas XA903 had it protruding more underneath.
  • the Olympus 593 engine that was to be used for Concorde. XA903 had the Olympus engine mounted underneath the fuselage and performed extensive testing of the engine prior to Concorde flying.
  • the RB199 engine, as used on the Tornado.

XP558 on the other hand was a military operational training aircraft. As such, its life is not nearly so well documented. It's claim to fame is that it served with the 'MACAWS' aerobatic display team, so some photographs do exist.

WE191 was also a military operational training aircraft. Very few photos exist. After finishing its career with the RAF, WE191 was refitted and painted in the Indian Airforce colours, with serial number Q497, but the sale to IAF was embargoed and the aircraft was eventually scrapped.

This website gives a brief introduction to these aircraft.

The collection is a private museum. Visitors are welcome, but by appointment only.

site last updated - 08 Dec 2017